Located in north central Missouri, I am a 13- year homeschooling mom (done May 2015- my youngest is 18) who is also a cattle and sheep farmer married to a cattle farmer. My three children and I enjoy traveling, working, and spending time with family and friends. While this blog will chronicle our journey of Faith, Family, and Farm, opinionated articles on frugal living, traveling, recipes, home education, and other eclectic thoughts will be found sprinkled throughout!

Dedicated to good stewardship of YHWH’s gifts; including environmental resources, wildlife habitat enhancement, healthy people, animals, and soil.

Farm Location is west of Purdin, Missouri. tauna powell

‘Tannach’ means – ‘green and fertile field’ – (also spelt tannoch) found in my pocket guide to Scottish/Gaelic words. Originally, I considered a name incorporating ‘thistle’ since there are so many on my farm. However, someone (maybe it was Jim Gerrish?) said to manage for what you want rather than trying to eliminate what you don’t want. So I made up a word! Adding the English suffix -ton (meaning farm), the name, ‘Tannachton Farm,’ was born. This goes back to my Scottish Falconer roots originating in the Kincardineshire area west of Dunnottar Castle on the east coast. It is possible that some of my ancestors also fought in the Clan Keith vs Clan Gunn in 1438 (or 1464, no one seems to know for sure) at the Battle of Tannach. (Falconers are a Sept of the Clan Keith) So much to learn. Tannach is also a spelling for the Tanakh which includes the Law, Prophets, and Writings (Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim).

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    1. You betcha – you are doing good work. Here in the US – there are govt incentives (USDA-NRCS/FSA and others) which are counter productive and makes conservation practices, the very thing they are trying to promote, almost useless. But there it is – yet there is a big push by individual farmers and ranchers to return to the soil building, life enhancing farming/ranching practices which are known, but pushed aside generations ago. Regenerative farming is the better version of ‘sustainable.’ As Gabe Brown puts it – (and i’m paraphrasing) why would you want to sustain degraded resources?

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