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Mustering and Sorting in the Road

Earlier this week, I moved my cows and calves to Cord Road with the intention of sorting off a few cows which I did not want to joined with the bulls, which will be turned out the 22nd of July.  The particular morning chosen was ideal because it was 63F degrees!  Such a change from the intense and long lasting high temperatures and high humidity we have been experiencing and within a couple days the weather went right back to the intense heat.

Once the cattle were in the road, which I had blocked off at the end of the road and beside the gate through which they had passed, I set up a single strand electric polybraid to form a small holding yard to contain each cow as I sorted her off.  This worked exceptionally well.  The only difficulty was to get the  now weaned calf which belonged to the cow which died by tree roots a few days ago.  It had lost its sight to a large extent, so was particularly hard to handle, but I gave it a pass – blind, no momma for guidance, strange location (this is a purchased cow/calf and the calf had never been to this location), and being pushed around.  Nevertheless, she was coaxed, along with the cows I’d sorted off, into the hay barn from which we would load out.  Dallas had arrived with the trailer just in time to help me get that calf in.  Thank goodness – I might have had to give up and that would not have bode well for a lone calf on its own in life.

We loaded out of the hay barn which was not without challenge since there is no facility to do so. But they respect a hot wire, so a rope posing as a hazing fence was helpful to encourage them to hop into the trailer. The rest of the cows had already walked across to the Bowyer farm.

From the time I left home at 5:30 am to my return was about  8 hours, but it takes me an hour and 10 minutes drive with return in my Gator.  Nevertheless, I took a lot of steps and was spent by mid afternoon, but very glad to have that task completed.

Shabbat Shalom!