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Positive Herding 101: Dog-friendly Training

Positive Herding 101: Dog-friendly training by Barbara Buchmayer

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Herding dogs can be a valuable asset and companion to a rancher and his operation. Positive Herding 101 dog training book introduces the author, her personal experiences, expertise, and journey towards positive reinforcement dog training with real life examples. Each chapter explains in simple terms the solid foundations needed on which skills and lessons outlined in subsequent chapters are built. The training techniques, although for teaching the dog, are principles easily transferable to other animals, including the livestock themselves! By default, we also learn how to appropriately respond to stressors and pressures in our own lives. The photos and illustrations add helpful insights to the narrative. Great book!

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Greatness, Time, and Wisdom

For the reflective and thinking person…..

Enter Wonderland

Image credit: Annca, source (edited by author)

Author’s note: Following a series of life events which conspired to prevent me from writing, I’m finally publishing the remaining stories from last year’s trip, as well as more recent writings which have never been released.  Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the ride!

There’s a story in David Batstone’s book Not for Sale about a woman who works in rural Thailand to rescue children from the slave trade.  It’s a powerful, moving tale as she boldly goes into situations where she is not wanted in order to rescue them, and it left me wondering.  You see, almost no one outside of those who have read the book and she knew directly will ever hear about her.  Yet how great is the work that she does?  Almost all of us would agree that she is having a tremendous impact on the world…

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