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Ceiling Light Find!

Well over a year ago, my husband wanted to clean out his dad’s basement – so i helped out (although he never quite finished and it’s a cluttered mess once again) and i found and set aside an old etched glass cover for a ceiling light fixture. I forgot about it until this past month i decided to paint two rooms – daughter Jessica’s room she sleeps in and the kitchen – from Tuscany historical colors to farmhouse white.

Both rooms turned out fabulously – the kitchen i had painted Lenox Tan from Benjamin Moore and although a good color, it was always darker than i liked in that room. (LRV 43.52) So, it is now painted Chantilly Lace (LRV 92.2), also from Benjamin Moore. You can tell by the Light Reflective Value difference is huge that the white really brightened the room. It is the same color used in Jessica’s room. Hers had been some sort of yellow in the same heritage color scheme but i never liked it though i chose it!

Knowing that Jessica never liked the chandelier style fixture i purchased for her room, i decided to change it out and thankfully, i remembered that old light fixture i found over a year earlier.

The finished product took a while, but i found the base from Vintporium in San Jose, CA, then the screws to attach the base were too long so i bought some slightly shorter at a local hardware store. The reason is that the electrical box is extremely shallow – about 1/2 an inch deep – not blaming the electrician who rewired our entire house from knob and tube since this old house had absolutely no room to install a deeper more typical box. Then the old down rod was far too long, so i e-mailed Joe at Vintporium once again and he knew exactly what i needed and sent it. These items are not easy to find, thanks so much Joe for all your help! (the boards on the floor are to be attached to the platform bed i just built. Trying to get this project done of painting, building a new bed, and replacing the light fixture in amongst working outside because we’ve had splendid weather)
Here was the first try with the down rod which came with the fixture far too long for this application. The only place i could find this 8 inch 2 light bulb base is at Vintporium. It was satin nickel finish which i thought i’d have to paint white, but it worked just fine.
This photo isn’t very good, but isn’t the etched glass just lovely with the splaying out patterns on the ceiling?