Santiago, Chili

With a long layover in Santiago, Chili, (established by Spanish Conquistadors in 1541), my traveling mate had booked a private walking city tour with Larisa who is listed with Tours by Locals.  Larisa was such a pleasure, making sure we were comfortable on a bit of a warm day and answered all our questions!  She is very knowledgeable on the history of this city of 7 million which spreads as far as the eye can see from the top of Cerro San Cristobal. Our 5 hour bespoke and private tour just right.

Plaza de Armas
Metropolitan Cathedral*
Mercado Central(fish market)
– Supreme Court*
– Paseo Bandera
– La Moneda (the seat of the President)*
– Old banking district
– National Library*
– Santa Lucia Hill
– Lastarria neighborhood

– Cerro San Cristobal

*exterior visit

Ironworks inside and gates though designed in Chili, were built, and sourced from Glasgow, Scotland and shipped to Santiago. This beautiful Central Marketbuilding, opened in 1872 has undergone modernization, but has not lost its character.
The fresh fish market is well known though a smaller portion of the offerings inside the Market which is now mostly cafes with an array of dishes prepared with the many ocean sourced meats.
Be sure to refresh with a traditional and local drink made with rehydrated peaches, homemade syrup poured atop steamed wheat.  Yummy!
Plaza de Armas (1541)  is the main central square of Santiago, anchored by the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago.  Few older buildings have survived the multiple earthquakes shaking Santiago thought the centuries. 
Four services per day in the Santiago Cathedral keep this place of worship an important part of the community.
A green respite in the midst of the city – the old living with the modern.  Santa Lucia Hill.
Santa Lucia Hill
We finished our tour with a drive to the Cerro San Cristobal – the second highest point in Santiago, offering stunning views of a vast city.  We took the funicular to the second level (the first platform exits into the city zoo), then climbed the steps to the top.

Driven back to our Holiday Inn right at the airport by expert driver, Christopher, i ended up sleeping right through supper after a shower.  Trying to get onto the new time.  Chili is 3 hours earlier than central time.  So while it is only 8p at home, it’s now 11p here.  Early morning flight is aided by simply walking across the street to the airport.

Buenas Noches!