My New Daughter!

Mercy me!  What happened to June!!!  Busy month for us, but the biggest event by far was that our youngest son is now married to a wonderful farm girl from Iowa.  They are now settling into life together in a small place outside Des Moines.  It’s a bit of a drive to her work and he works at home remotely for the same outfit he worked for in Parkville, MO.  Although they’ve never lived together, they say that after only three weeks, it just feels normal.  Even the pastor who married them commented to me that they may be the most suited for one another couple he’s ever married.  They both love God and serve Him by teaching youngsters and reaching out to international students when they were each in their respective universities.  In fact, it was through their involvement in the non denominational on-campus Christian ministries that they met.  God is good all the time.

It’s a huge adjustment for me that my baby is married – that gives us moms a different position in their sons’ lives and it’s tough to accept, but it’s a good thing. Her parents and sisters and extended family are our family now and we could not be more blessed.

I still cry, but hey, that’s just the reality of it.  I’m happy for all of us, but the realisation that so much change is and has been and the years just simply flying by and getting old, and, and, and…..

Shabbat Shalom!


Photo by Sarah Wilson, sister of the bride.  Leaving the reception held at the Iowa Arboretum
This is Nathan’s old car which his great Aunt June gave to him about 4 years ago – she could no longer drive.  It’s a 1998 Lincoln Town Car with a bit over 100,000 miles – i think he put most on during his time in college and courtship of his now bride.  Aunt June will be 100 in September and she was tickled to see her old car as such a fabulous getaway car.
Mother of the groom (that’s me) and our daughter, who was a bridesmaid.
Thank you, Courtney, at The Salon, Ames, IA for making me look my best for the big day.   She created this do from my long stringy hair at 11am and with some product, teasing, and 93 bobby pins later it was not only gorgeous, but lasted all day – actually until i took out the pins some 10 hours later. Amazing!






11 thoughts on “My New Daughter!”

  1. Aww, Tauna! I am grateful to officially be a part of your family and so blessed to call your son my husband. I actually had a conversation with my dad tonight about how they would love to come see your farm sometime soon. Much love ❤😘

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    1. They are welcome anytime! And I know Allen is keen to visit your parents’ farm and operation. Too bad it didn’t work out earlier, but Jessica and I really appreciated the time he took to show us around after the bridal shower.


  2. Thank you Tauna! We think of you guys as family as well! 😊 It’s great getting Nathan as a son and the fringe benefits of getting you all as well. We’ve said how we need to get down to see your farm and cattle operations as well. I was just thinking (on July 4th that we spent alone 🙄) how we should set something up. Like maybe Labor Day weekend? 🤔 Hope your summer is going well. ❤😊

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    1. We didn’t have any plans either for the 4th. i found a couple small bags of leftover fireworks so Dallas and i took turns lighting them. Mosquitos eventually drove us all indoors. Yes, we need to make a plan.


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