Winter Hay Buying

Found a local producer (Don Hoover) for pretty good hay late in the season (January).  He delivered an unloaded 2 semi loads (76 bales) each bale weighing 1385 lbs.  (Still have my 100 bales or so of warm season grasses stored in the barn.  Hope i don’t need them – depends on the season.)

Sadly, I’ve already fed them all out (the 76 delivered bales), but back on decent (cow quality) winter stockpile grazing for a few weeks now.

The extended extra cold is really sapping the energy out of the cows although with good feed, they and their calves really don’t notice the cold – thankfully, it has not been rainy and wet – it’s really tough to keep cows and 8 month old calves in condition then.

Supposed to warm up to just above freezing tomorrow, then a few days clear up into the 40’s and maybe 50’s.   Happy camper here!



2 thoughts on “Winter Hay Buying”

  1. Hang in There! Also I have wondered as I have not had to do it yet since our winters have got off the late starts the last few seasons, has it been easy to transition back to stockpile grazing after feeding hay. I would imagine the cattle would loaf around and cry for more hay for a while before heading out to graze?

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    1. Yes, they do go ‘begging’ for maybe a couple days only if they don’t have great grazing to go to. As you know, most cattle prefer grazing, but it does depend on what’s on offer. High quality, sweet hay vs bedraggled stockpile on a cold day or mediocre hay vs ‘still green underneath’ stockpile.


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