What I Learned in my Twenties

This insight has probably been around since the beginning of time; but this is the first time i listened! Had i listened when i was twentysomething – it surely would have resulted in a great deal more wisdom and wise decisions.

Steve Rose PhD

Here are three things I’ve learned one should do in their twenties in order to avoid regret and disappointment later on in their professional life.

1. Gain insight into your strengths

I didn’t realize I was going in the wrong career direction until I started looking at my strengths and seriously listening to feedback from those around me. My strengths are slowly processing abstract information, writing, and a strong interest in highly niche philosophical areas. Becoming an academic researcher and university professor plays to my strengths. The problem was that for most of my life I had my eyes set on a career in policing because it was a secure route with a good pension and I couldn’t think of any other career ideas at the time.

At one point I also took an office admin job that I had failed at quite miserably. With its fast-paced multitasking and lack…

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