Date Night!

My hubby and I seldom spend time together, much less an actual date night.  But we spent nearly three hours together this evening!

It all started earlier when Dallas and I set up the fences to move my cows and baby calves across the road this morning.  That went well, but there are always a few calves which don’t move with the cows.  Plus there was a cow who just calved and we weren’t even go to try moving her with a new baby.  They need to bond first and the calf is just not strong enough to walk a 1/4 mile.

So, we left seven calves and two cows behind and shut the gate.  We’ll be back in the evening to move them. In the meantime, I had a calf die to scours or mysterious ailment and this is actually about the 10th calf to die suddenly, so I took it to the vet to be posted and try to determine the cause.  After opening up the calf, my suspicions were confirmed:  clostridium perfringens!  aka know as purple gut or one strain is blackleg.  Pretty much impossible to stop – typically it’s a sudden death disease.  However, Dr Sparks recommended a shot of Excede, Clostrodium B & C Antitoxin, and Multimin 90.  He also suggested I get HELP doctoring any rough looking calves and all newborn calves.  That sounded like chastisement – methinks my veterinarian knows me too well.  But he is right, how am i going to rope a calf, throw it, hold it down, and give it three separate shots?!  Well, i could do it, but……

Here’s a link to a paper which explains C perfringens more fully.

So, armed with new meds, i head home with my posted dead calf and the live one i had also brought over, but it had rain rot, or what i talked about early jungle crud.  This calf is in REALLY bad shape.  So, in addition to the above shots, I gave it penicillin and doused her with 7% iodine and took her back to her mom.  She actually had an appetite and went straight to nursing.  We’ll see.

Anyway, the date night part!  Since Dallas had not finished mowing June’s lawn by 7pm tonight, Allen volunteered to help me.  Well, I hated for him to; it was going to be a big job and he is a busy person.  However, we spent a lovely evening together moving the seven calves and  two cows across the road and doctoring 10 or so calves.  It all went incredibly well and we made it home just a bit before 10pm.  We are so romantic……   😉

Shabbat Shalom!